MTC Méditerranée
Rowing Challenge Online
from 11/15/21 to 21/01/22

Welcome the rowers

The MTC Méditerranée is an online rowing challenge, on Concept2 ergometer, open to everyone, alone or in pairs.

It consists of 10 steps over 10 weeks. Each of them is done at a different distance to highlight the qualities of each.

A ranking scratch and category will allow you to surpass yourself in an atmosphere both electric and friendly!

All finishers will have a diploma and a draw will deliver the jackpot to the lucky winner ...

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"Hard but fun challenge where everyone can participate"

"Very motivating! And especially nice sharing!"

"Excellent idea with a nice symbolic purpose"

"Nice challenge and good organization"

"A special and motivating sports madness!"

"Distances within the reach of all and a symbolic price."


To participate you must have completed the file online or send the file by mail (see rules) and pay the sum of 10 € (Paypal or check).

The participants finishing the challenge will receive a diploma of achievement and will be drawn to win a:


From 18/11, then every week, a new distance will start on Monday at 8H GMT and will end on Sunday of the same week at 24H GMT.


Participants who will be issued a bib number will then have the whole week to perform the corresponding distance.


The results must be entered on the GOOGLE SHEETS link via the website, a photo must be posted on the EVENT FACEBOOK with the bib number. Photo verification will be done randomly during the challenge and will be complete for the winners by categories as well as for the winner of the rowing machine.If a photo is missing or if a photo has been posted too late the rower will be put back into play!


A ranking by stage and a general classification will appear each week beginning to follow the progress of the crews.


An additional team relay event can be performed at any time in parallel with the Marathon, "La Grande traversée".