Take up the challenge of endurance


MTC-Méditérannée is a challenge born in 2016. Formerly named "Marathon of the Tour of the Clubs of the Mediterranean Championship", its main goal was to animate the hollow season of sea rowing clubs in the south from France.

Very quickly participants from other structures and other countries joined the movement.


The 5th edition saw 247 crews (alone and doubles), embark on the adventure to crown the final 205 FINISHERS!



La Grande Traversée

This is an additional NON-OBLIGATORY event which is carried out by team.

It can be done anytime in parallel with the MTC- Méditerranée.

It consists of a distance of 53.7km (linking the clubs Olimpic Barcelona and Canotieri San Remo on the scale 1 / 10th).

The team must be at least 1/3 male or female, participants are not necessarily engaged in the MTC-Méditerranée.

The relays can be made as you want on one and the same machine.

A trophy is put into play each year, the champions' performance is engraved on the trophy.